RFI and Timescales

UK FTS – Request for Information

Phase Name Aim Dates
1 Issue RFI Issue of Request for Information to gather interest from potential suppliers and obtain key information 13 June 2016
2 Issue of revised RFI and NDA Issue of revised Request for Information and revised NDA 23 June 2016
3 Review of NDA Suppliers to review NDA and provide final comments 29 June 2016
4 Issue of final NDA IDP to issue final NDA to suppliers for signing 01 July 2016
5 Return signed NDAs Suppliers to return signed NDAs to IDPL 08 July 2016
6 Intention to respond to RFI Suppliers to notify intention to respond to RFI via email to charles.mccready@tisa.uk.com 08 July 2016
7 Supplier questions Suppliers to submit supplementary questions related to the RFI via email to charles.mccready@tisa.uk.com 08 July 2016
8 Response to supplier questions All questions (anonymised) and answers made available to suppliers via email 15 July 2016
9 RFI Responses due and sharing of Steering Committee members Suppliers submit responses to RFI to IDPL, after which IDPL will share the list of Steering Committee members for review. 27 July 2016
10 IDPL distributes submissions amongst project members Suppliers have 48 hours to review the Steering Committee membership and decide if they wish to withdraw their response. After the 48 hour period, IDPL will issue the responses to the Steering Committee 01 August
11 Open discussion Open discussion with trade bodies, industry firms and suppliers August 2016
12 RFI Response Assessment Assessment of RFI responses and feedback to participating parties 28 July to mid September 2016